Groom Style

When it comes to the groom, there’s more room to play than one would originally think. As a couple, you must decide what look and feel best personifies your personality together. Are you a classic black tie couple? Do you gravitate to bright colors and bold patterns? Do you want to incorporate seasonal florals into your bouquets and boutonnieres? These are some of many important questions that you must ask yourself when designing your wedding party.

The best part about the groom and groomsmen is the sheer versatility of the traditional suit and tie. You can mix and match different pieces, from button down shirts to suspenders to bow ties. There really is no secret sauce when it comes to the groom—it truly comes down to personal taste and vision. Feel free to have fun with the groom’s look! Give him a tie that aligns with the bridal party, or a boutonniere that is bursting with color and really pops. Or, you can even go the white shirt, white tie route, and then design a tasteful boutonniere that pulls the whole wedding party aesthetic together. The possibilities are endless.

Whatever your desire, groom style is a great way to showcase your one-of-a-kind taste. And don’t forget accessories! Stylish shoes or a great watch are extra ways for the groom to customize this look for himself. This is your big day together, so ensure that you’re true to yourselves as a couple.

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