Patterns & Textures

In designing any event, it’s important to incorporate patterns and textures into your aesthetic. Contrary to popular belief, patterns and textures do not always have to be bold and domineering; they can also be simplistic and sophisticated, adding an aura of depth to your space while still grabbing your guests’ attention.

Experimenting with textures or patterns can also elevate a color palette. Feel free to integrate a stripe or sequin into your event space—it always brings your look up a notch. You can also build in texture through adding layers and diversifying a space. Add a plush fur to your furniture for a soft, luxurious look, or bold floral arrangements to your tablescape for a luxe look. And one quick tip! Another way of enhancing your table with texture is through fresh produce, decorative objects, or seasonal florals. Sourcing local products is way to keep cost down and definitely qualifies as California-chic. Simply placing a fresh rosemary sprig or an ornamental feather on your place settings intensifies the look and feel of your overall tablescape. Pattern and texture are great design mechanisms. Take advantage of them! Build upon your vision with the help of texture and pattern to achieve a cohesive look, whether it be eclectic or traditional.


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Nicole & Kevin:: Cree Estate Wedding

Nicole & Kevin:: Cree Estate Wedding

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